"Formalism for a multiresolution time series database model", the Aleix´s Llusà research article published in ELSEVIER
author admin, 19/10/2015 10:45

Today we are specially proud to announce that one of our team member: Aleix Llusà, he has managed to publish a great article about time series database model at Elsevier,  the world-leading provider of scientific, technical and medical information products and services. 

We are really proud of him! 

Find bellow the link to the article and the abstract of his research: 

Title: Formalism for a multiresolution time series database model



We formalise a specialised database management system model for time series using a multiresolution approach. These special purpose database systems store time series lossy compressed in a space-bounded storage. Time series can be stored at multiple resolutions, using distinct attribute aggregations and keeping its temporal attribute managed in a consistent way.

The model exhibits a generic approach that facilitates its customisation to suit better the actual application requirements in a given context. The elements, the meaning of which depends on a real application, are of generic nature.

Furthermore, we consider some specific time series properties that are a challenge in the multiresolution approach. We also describe a reference implementation of the model and introduce a use case based on real data.