Our best endorsement is what we have already done. The satisfaction of our costumers when a project is finished. The selection of the best technology in each moment. Our best endorsement is the job done. Find bellow a list of the most representative projects we have done.

Just a selection of our portfolio

Privat IPAD app for TOUS Jewerly


Privat IPAD app for TOUS Jewerly. IPADS are placed in all the TOUS shops in Spain and offer exclusive information about new collections, promotions, and exclusives offers and promotions for the shops. The app has an auto up-date system connected to a content management system.

Docpopuli: the cloud invoices and payrolls platform


Docpopuliis the cloud platform where users can save and store invoices, payrolls and important documents. It is a cloud based web app build using Plone, Pyramid and AWS, and it can be integrated easily with external sources. On of this external sources is Doctorfy, a medical certification platform used by thousands of hundreds of users.

L'Apuntador, the Manresa's city council events portal


L'Apuntador.cat is the official events portal from Manresa´s City Council. It let users to register in the site and upload events. It has a large cotegorization system, and let the city council to feed other city portals usuing web services. It offers data exportation to xml, json... making really easy to integrate with other information sources.

Rutes de la Sèquia, the power of an HTML5 app


Rutes de la Sèquia is a mobile app for Android and iOs, developed using HTML5 and PhoneGap, that let users know about different walking paths around Parc de la Sèquia. When a user is following a track and gets closed to an “interesting point”, an alarm popus up in the app to explain why this point is important.
The app also has some basic games to make the app family-friendly. All the tracks and routes are updated by a content management system.