Our values

We aim to do meaningful things

As a technology company we develop useful and meaningful software to achieve the digital transformation of our customers and improve their business processes.

Democratization of technology

Great technologies don't just have to be within reach of large companies with large resources. Any company should have the opportunity to work with software that helps it improve and be more dynamic and efficient. At Iskra we develop technology for any type of company.


Although sometimes things become complicated, it is necessary to keep working until they are achieved. Giving up or leaving things for impossible is not an option. We learn, we rethink, we generate options and we work with persistence until we achieve the objectives.


The world is diverse. At Iskra we are a team that respects diversity in any of its areas. Behaviors, thoughts or attitudes that do not go in this direction have no place in the Iskra team.


In Iskra everyone must have a high degree of initiative, proactivity and positive attitude. Everyone must take responsibility for delivering results. Iskra is not the place for people who like to be constantly told what to do.