Web applications
Python/Django, Angular, React, React Native, Saleor

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What we do?

We do web technologies

Any web or app project is a sum of different elements: creativity, strategy, business apps integration... All this elements can not be limited by any software technology. Our aim is to make possible what you have in your mind.

Web software

We select or develop software to fit the best to each project. Our mission it to let webmasters be completely independent when its time to manage an app or a web content. We aim to create projects that makes your life easier.

Open Source

We are open source. We are contributors to different open source projects. We believe in open communities that work in common projects to produce quality software to benefit everyone.


We develop back-ends in python. We make them unique and scalable. We use Guillotina, Django or Plone. We use Docker and Kubernetes.


We develop modern web front-ends using modern technologies like React or Angular.

Machine learning

We use machine learning to increase productivity inside the organizations.

Technologies we use


We are pythonists. We use Guillotina, Django, Plone and AIOHttp.


We develope agile front-ends using Angular and React.


We develope by Test Driven Development processes using Jenkins.


We use Docker and Kubernetes.

Our customers

Web software engineering to make real complex projects.


  • Document management intranets
  • Machine Learning
  • Workflows
  • Business apps integrations

Turnkey projects

  • Content Management Systems
  • Mobile APPs
  • Web APPs
  • API/Backend
  • Python integrations

Programming and Consulting

  • Python
  • Django, Guillotina and Plone
  • Backend/API
  • AngularJS/React
  • Kubernetes / Docker

Contact us

C/Puigterrà de Dalt, 30

08241 Manresa, Barcelona