Software development is often complicated. Details are important and if it is not clear what you want, the costs can be very high. At Iskra we have the experience to quickly see what it can work and what it won't work. We want to be part of your team. We want to be the developers of your company.

Global outsourcing

In a world where software technology evolves so fast, we must constantly be tech-researching. Having an internal IT team with this spirit is not easy. At Iskra we want to be your external IT team, we want to advise you, explain you the software technological trends and keep you always up to date.

Front-end outsourcing

Online software evolves at light-speed. Web front-ends, with agile technologies such as Angular or React, have revolutionized the web. In Iskra we are specialists in web front-end technologies. We can guarantee quality.

Project management

Thanks to the experience we have, we can technically manage your project and help you make technological decisions. Always thinking about efficiency and scalability.

Our customers

Web software engineering to make real complex projects.


  • Document management intranets
  • Machine Learning
  • Workflows
  • Business apps integrations

Turnkey projects

  • Content Management Systems
  • Mobile APPs
  • Web APPs
  • API/Backend
  • Python integrations

Programming and Consulting

  • Python
  • Django, Guillotina and Plone
  • Backend/API
  • AngularJS/React
  • Kubernetes / Docker

Contact us

C/Puigterrà de Dalt, 30

08241 Manresa, Barcelona