The python and front-end technology agency

Ware a computer enginering company specialized in Python and Plone and in developing web apps, mobile apps and content-centric intranets using Deep Learning.

Agile software development and test-driven development:
solutions to complex problems

We enjoy working with the latest technologies

Amazon Ws, Google Cloud, Python, Angular2, Backbone.js, Pyramid, Plone, Bootstrap3...

Iskra is a Python, Plone and Pyramid technology agency specialized in information knowledge management. We are open source. We are specialists in Deep Learning, web apps, mobile apps, Anngular.js, React.

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>>Why a technology agency?

Any web or app project is a sum of different elements: creativity, strategy, business apps integration... All this elements can not be limited for technology matters. Our aim as a technology agency is to make technically possible what you have in your mind. 

>>What is our mission?

We select or develop software that fits the best to each project. Our mission it to let webmasters be completely independent when its time to manage an app or a web content. We wish to create projects that makes life easier.


What can we do you for you?

Computer engineering to make real complex projects.

Our Cloud solutions are based on:

Amzaon and DO.pngGoogle Cloud